I am Niel Knoblauch, a South African man learning to follow Jesus, the wild Messiah. This journey, this Barefoot Ascent into deeper intimacy with God, is the heartbeat of both this blog of mine and my life.
I started with this blog in 2011 as a space where I can share my thoughts on life and all its things. It was originally an Afrikaans blog (in my mother tongue) and called Spore tussen klippe en wolke (footsteps between stones and clouds). As my wife and I moved from South Africa to the UK in 2020, I realised that the core of the people I am called to minister to is changing, and that I need to start writing in English. It’s at this point that my blog became The Barefoot Ascent. I write for myself as much as for others.
Feel free to comment on any of my posts, or to contact me directly at nielknoblauch@gmail.com.

Looking forward to walking together!